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Week 9 Discussion 1 Top of Form Estate Tax Calculation: Estate taxes are complex and require great skill to navigate for complex estates. Based on the e-Activity, evaluate the estate tax formula. Propose where the taxpayers are most likely to abuse or make mistakes in applying the formula that will most likely result in an IRS audit. Support your proposal with examples. Take a position on the fairness of the current estate tax laws and recommend changes you would propose to the law to make estate taxes fairer and/or a rationale for eliminating gift taxes. Provide support for your rationale. Week 9 Discussion 2 Estate Tax Planning: You are a CPA and a client engaged you to help them with estate planning. The client has a horse farm that is worth millions and lots of stocks. Evaluate the rules related to estate taxes and propose a plan to the client that eliminates or reduces their estate tax liability. Support your plan with examples. Analyze the rules regarding generation skipping transfer tax. Based on your analysis, compare the pros and cons of using this and propose an alternative. Support your proposal with examples

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