5C Website Evaluation

The course wok assignment is to perform a website evaluation on the National Institutes of Health
( http://nih.gov/ ) using the 5C Website Evaluation tool as follow:

Questions to ask focusing on: CREDIBILITY

Is/Are there (a) specific author(s) listed?
What qualifications do(es) the author(s) have and what are these qualifications in?
What job/position do(es) the author(s) hold?
What is the site’s web address? This can give you clues about the author.

Questions to ask focusing on: CURRENCY

Is the date the website was created stated?
Is the site referenced?
Is the information on the website current?
Do the links work?

Questions to ask focusing on: CONTENT

Are the aims of the website apparent?
Is accurate information presented?
Is the information complete?
Is there anything that you would expect to see on the website that it not there?
Does the website give a balanced view of the topic or is it positively or negatively biased?

Questions to ask focusing on: CONSTRUCTION

What is the first impression of the website?
Does the page look well-organized? Are the titles, headings, and subjects easy to identify? Is the page easy to read i.e. what colors and font sizes are used?
Can the reader find information easily?
Are there any distractions on the website?
Are there any barriers to accessing information?

Questions to ask focusing on: CLARITY

Is the level of writing appropriate for the target audience?
Who is the website aimed at?
Is the information available in different languages?
Is the information available in different formats

The last question is this-Would you recommend this website?

Spelling and Grammar must follow APA guidelines, be sure to cite all references, including http://nih.gov/ using APA style.

Thank You!


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