Age Related Hearing Loss

Age Related Hearing Loss
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1. Abstract: Describe the content of your paper in 5-10 sentences
2. Introduction:
a. State the question you are examining and why it is worth studying
b. List the subtopics into which your paper is organized.
3. Description of Research.
Describe the methods investigators have used to study each subtopic. Summarize results, if any, between results from different studies, and try to suggest reasons for these conflicts. Cite studies by author and year in the body of your paper, not in footnotes at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper. For example, “According to Yost and Sehft (1993), auditory processing in children develops…”. Avoid long words for word quotes from articles.
4. Conclusion: Summarize the important points raised in your paper. Discuss the theoretical and/or practical implications of the studies you have analyzed. Do the data support any broad hypothesis?
5. References: List all the articles and books to which you have referred in the body of the paper in this section.

– Books: Authors (date) Title. Publisher
– Journal Articles: Authors (date). Title. Journal, volume number, pages.

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