Ashford University BUS 311 Week 4 DQ1 and 2 Law Assignment Help

Week 4 Discussion 1 Intellectual Property Law Discuss Questions #27 and # 28 in Chapter 25. Conduct research to provide examples to support your position on each question. Respond to at least two other students postings. 27.Intellectual PropertyWhy is it important to society that the law protect intellectual property? 28.Protecting Trade SecretsShould an individual who is offered an employment position sign an employment contract that contains a restrictive covenant? Week 4 Discussion 2 Employment Law Discuss Question #27 in Chapter 28. Use your own personal employment experiences (if possible) to comment on this question. Respond to at least two other students postings. 27.Employment ContractsDoes the existence of an employment contract tend to benefit the employer more than it does the employee?

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