Please label each section of the paper like this outline.
A. Investigate Asthma.
1. Pathophysiology-Analyze the pathophysiology of Asthma.
2. Standard of Practice-Discuss the standard of practice for Asthma.
a. Pharmacological Treatments – Discuss the evidence-based pharmacological treatments in Texas and how they affect management of the selected disease in Fort Worth.
b. Clinical Guidelines-Discuss clinical guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and patient education for Asthma.
c. Standard of Practice of Disease Management -Discuss the standard practice for managing the disease within your community with state or national practices.
3. Managed Disease Process-Discuss characteristics of and resources for a patient who manages the selected disease well, including access to care, treatment options, life expectancy, and outcomes.
a. Disparities -Analyze disparities between management of the selected disease on a national and international level.
4. Managed Disease Factors-Discuss three or four factors (e.g., financial resources, access to care, insured/uninsured, Medicare/Medicaid) that contribute to a patient being able to manage Asthma.
a. Unmanaged Disease Factors – Explain how a lack of the factors discussed in part A4 leads to an unmanaged disease process.
i. Unmanaged Disease Characteristics -Describe characteristics of a patient with Asthma that is unmanaged.

B. Patients, Families, and Populations – Analyze how Asthma affects patients, families, and populations in your community.
1. Costs – Discuss the financial costs associated with Asthma for patients, families, and populations from diagnosis to treatment.

C. Best Practices Promotion – Discuss how you will promote best practices for managing Asthma in your current healthcare organization.

1. Implementation Plan – Discuss three strategies you could use to implement best practices
for managing Asthma in your current healthcare organization.
2. Evaluation Method – Discuss an appropriate method to evaluate the implementation of
each of the strategies from part C1.
When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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