A. Explain how lipids, in the form of triglycerides, are broken down to produce ATP, including each of the following:
● the pathways involved in the breakdown
● the substrate(s) and end product(s) of the pathways

B. Explain two differences between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (not fats).
1. Create one original 3-D model to demonstrate the chemical structure of a saturated fatty acid.
2. Create one original 3-D model to demonstrate the chemical structure of an unsaturated fatty acid.

Note: Take a picture of your completed 3-D models as evidence that you created them. You can include the pictures as part of your document, or you can submit them in Taskstream as separate attachments.

C. Create an original diagram, with clear labels, to demonstrate the fluid mosaic structure of cell membranes.

Note: The inclusion of the following components aids in demonstrating the fluid mosaic structure: phospholipids, hydrophilic portion, hydrophobic portion, and membrane protein(s).

D. Explain how no-fat diets can affect the body (e.g., nutrient absorption, essential fatty acids), including each of the following:
● the molecule, or class of molecules affected
● how the absence of fat influences the availability of the molecule, or class of molecules
● the consequence(s), at the biochemical level (i.e., not simply physiological changes), of the change in availability

E. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.


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