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You work for a HR consulting company and an organization (just like the one in which you currently work, have worked, or have access to) has hired your firm to conduct an HRM analysis and make recommendations to better align HR practices to the key business initiatives of the company. In order to accomplish the goal: 1. Analyze the organization and develop a set of HRM practices based upon textbook illustrations and figures. You will develop an 8-10 page research paper (not including the title and reference pages) modeling one or more of the illustrations from the course text. Your paper should also: ú Identify the firms history, strategy, market position, and specific area of alignment. ú Provide job pricing and compensation package. ú Describe and analyze the current and targeted work processes as well as the respective knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to achieve the organizations objectives. ú Incorporate a discussion of relevant technology considerations to achieve work output in the context of the organizations goals. ú Provide a discussion of the labor market and the appropriate labor law context. Identification of companies that are preparing to address the changes. ú Prescribe a set of HRM recommendations, specifically tailored for the selected firm, consisting of choices from the 19 dimension of an HRM system presented in Chapter 3 of the course text. ú Describe other HRM issues as applicable. 2. Timetable: Week One: Organization identification, history, industry, and definition of business strategy Week Two: Key employee behaviors and KSAs appropriate for work class Week Three: Technology factors and organizational design of work processes Week Four: Labor market and legal environment Week Five: Draft of HRM practices Week Six: Final 8-10 page paper Writing the Final Paper The Final Paper: 1. Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center 2. Must be double-spaced and 12 point font. 3. Must include a title page with the following: a. Title of paper b. Students name c. Course name and number d. Instructors name e. Date submitted 3. Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement. 4. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. 5. Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. 6. Must use at least eight scholarly sources. 7. Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 8. Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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