Business Models/Marketing Strategy

You are to prepare a position paper choosing any 2 of emerging marketing strategies
identified in the Assessment guide available on iLearn, plus any 2 of marketing
models, tools and techniques available to assist marketing practitioners as they both
develop and put their marketing strategies into practice. Each of the four concepts
must be given equal weight in your paper (i.e. 1000 words each). That is, 1000
words (+/- 1-0%) per concept. Use diagrams, charts, formulas where appropriate.
You are to include an overall introduction plus the following for each concept:
i. Definition: define the concept
ii. Aims and objectives behind using the concept
iii. Requirements: Under what conditions and environmental context favours its usage
iv. How do you measure its performance?
v. Strengths/Limitations
vi. Provide examples of how the concept has been appropriately used/misused
vii. References and sources of information using Harvard Referencing
“A model can be defined as an instrument that serves as an aid in searching,
screening,analysing, selecting, and implementing a course of action”. Jain,
S.C., Haley, G.T., Voola, R., Wickham, M. (2012) “Marketing Planning and
Strategy”, 1
st Ed Asia Pacific Edition, Cengage Learning: p 281.


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