case study :international human resource of management

This is case study report about international human resource of management. you should read the case study first then answer those question in your report (use subheading):
• The likely benefits and potential risks of implementing the MPMS system
• The constraints posed by institutional and cultural arrangements in Korea to the planned implementation of the MPMS system and the extent to which these are compatible with the preferred HRM policy preferences of a US multinational
• The various strategic options available to you regarding the implementation of the MPMS or any alternative arrangements for improving productivity at the Korean plant, including the possible ways that Motoco could address resistance from the KAWU
• Your recommendation for which strategic option to pursue, accompanied by a detailed explanation of the factors that you have considered in reaching this recommendation
• Use arguments from IHRM academic literature (especially relating to comparative HRM, multinationals and employment relations) and undertake research using academic and reputable non-academic sources to make your case
● Assessment Criteria Personal and Intellectual Autonomy ❍ Demonstrate critical analysis by extending beyond a mere restatement of received (conceptual/theoretical) ideas ❍ Display a depth of analysis of IHRM processes ❍ Display evidence of expertise of knowledge of the IHRM issues you are exploring ● Research and Inquiry ❍ Identify and explain/define key IHRM concepts ❍ Presentation a logical flow of argument ❍ Show evidence of an investigative approach to your analysis of IHRM processes relevant to the case in point as set against scholarly work ❍ Display clarity of analysis ❍ Display evidence of an investigative and critical approach to the assignment ❍ Identify, define and critically evaluate different international human resource practices and theories ❍ Display appropriate and consistent referencing throughout assignment

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