case study research

Use below as a sub heading and provide information about it from the case itself:
Analysis should include these steps:
– Presentation of the facts surrounding the case.
– Identification of the key issues.
– Listing of alternative courses of action that could be taken.
– Evaluation of alternative courses of action.
– Recommendation of the best course of action.
– At last solve the given question according to the above steps.
– Provide the most appropriate answer to the question asked at the end of the case
– Be brief and precise.

Then answer the following questions:Case Questions:
1. Why is the project that Paul Thomas Anderson is doing for The Larouche Candy Company a research project?
2. Which steps will Paul take now that he has clearly defined the problem that needs attention?
3. Luc Larouche has decided to hire an external consultant to investigate the problem. Do you think that this is a wise decision or would it have been better to ask his son Davy or an internal consultant to do the research project?
4. What can (or should) Luc do to assist Paul to yield valuable research results?
5. How can basic or fundamental research help Paul to solve the specific problem of The Larouche Candy Company?
6. Try to find relevant books, articles, research reports and this issue. Use, among others, electronic resources of your library and/or the internet.

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