Chinese/English translation work analysis essay

Chinese/English translation work analysis essay

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in this assignment, you are required to conduct a mini research project on applying the
translation theories on a piece of Chinese/English
translation work. They are:
1) Traditional Chinese translation theories
2) Equivalence and equivalent effect
3) Translation as product and process
4) Functional theories of translation
5) Discourse analysis approaches to translation
6) Systems theories
7) Cultural and ideological turns
8) The role of the translator
I will upload the relevant theory slides later. If you are not familiar with these theories, I suggest you can focus on the translation strategy: Domestication vs Foreignization. It is much eaiser to analyse.The translation work could be either into or from Chinese. Translation work could from a chapter of a translated book or a tourism website or other translation work.
the essay should cover
– background of the translation work and relevant theories,
– discussion of the analysis, and
– implications for translation research or practice.
You should devote about one third of your assignment to each of these areas within the
word limit of 2,000.

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