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* Topic can be a comedy movie or comedy TV show. examples: The wedding ringer, Let’s be Cop and so on; or one episode from south park, the big bang theory and so on.
Read/view a play, sitcom, or feature film of your choice related to comedy. Once you have concluded your reading/viewing, identify and evaluate how and why a comedy pertains to the “power struggle” theme that has been central to our course material. Think of all the terms and lectures and explain how the text of your chioce makes comedy more than just a “pleasurable form of entertainment.”

To get you thinking further on what you might want to specifically focus on in your paper’s thesis: recall that the major power imbalances in comedy notably hinge on class, gender, and race/tribal relations. A viable approach is to analyze how one of these power paradigms (or multiple) are represented and explored in the text of your choice. What does the text seem to ultimately argue for or against in terms of gender/race/tribal relations? Does this text progressively challenge against the power imbalances in comedy or does it seem to problematically continue its historical legacy? As a word of reminder: a thesis needs to be specific and argumentative. It should address what theme or message the text is trying to portray, as you see it.

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