Constitution Challege

The Consitution is the foundation of our nation. Our founders created it over 200 years and we have managed to live with this document without scraping it and starting over despite changes in our society that could not have been foreseen by the founders. Today, the BIll of Rights ( the first 10 amendments) are constantly being challenged. For this assignment – pick something in the headlines or current issue that challenges one of the first 10 amendments of the constitution In an essay discuss the following: 1. What is the issue? 2. How did this issue or challenge develop? 3. What amendment does it challenge and how? 4. What were the founders intent in creating this amendment? 5. If the issue has been ruled upon – what is the outcome and the why was it give this ruling by the supreme court? This paper should be between 2-3 pages in length, double spaced 12 point font. Use the library and reputable internet sources. I suggest looking at PROQUEST for your search of articles. The paper must have a minimum of 4 sources. 3 of those sources should be newspapers or journal articles. TALK TO THE LIBRARIANS FOR ASSISTANCE- THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR! DUE Oct. 14

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