Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at AES

The following questions will help you to give a full answer: 1. Consider the currency risks of the company: what type of currency exposure works for Lal Pir project? Is it substantial in terms of share of the whole business? Propose your ideas on hedging (or bearing risk). 2. Country risk considerations: how it is possible to take into account the country risk and other MNC risks of the Lal Pir project? Should CFO adjust the cost of capital or not? Give your evaluation of the methodology proposed in case study. 3. Propose your improvements or totally different methodology. Propose the methodology of NPV estimation for the Lal Pir project and give your opinion if this methodology should be unique for different projects of AES or not. 4. Estimate the cost of capital for the project using the methodology you proposed. 5. Do you still see any problems with the valuation of a Lal Pir project? Describe them if any.

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