Creativity and Innovation Fall 2015

Creativity and Innovation Fall 2015

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BUS 375 Creativity and Innovation Fall 2015
Final Exam
Dr. Sommer

?Over the course of the semester we have covered theory (i.e. topics, definitions, readings etc.), practice (i.e. cases, innovations, inventions) and philosophy (i.e. book review) of creativity and innovation in the context of entrepreneurship. This exam is designed to challenge you to go beyond the simple exercise of recording or facts and principles of the course in order to demonstrate what you have learned about creativity and innovation in an entrepreneurial context and indicate how BUS 375 is relevant to you as a future entrepreneur.
Examination Details:
Question 1: Create your own examination question. State the question clearly and then proceed to answer the question. You have to use at least 8 different concepts/topics from the course in your answer.
Question 2: Write a reflective statement of 500 words about specific insights you have personally gained from: a) writing this exam and b) the BUS 375 course in general.

Remember be Creative and Innovative for the sake of Entrepreneurship!!

Examination Criteria For Evaluation:
1) The extent to which your examination question, answer and overall presentation is entrepreneurial
and creativity (i.e. imaginative/provocative/blue tree/insightful etc.) 40 points
2) Your ability to demonstrate that you fully understand the concepts in this course. This would require that you select relevant examples for 8 concepts/topics to illustrate you comprehension and that your questions and answer demonstrates course relevance (i.e. strong ties to key course concepts) 40
3) The extent to which you apply the 8 concepts/topics you select in the context of your own question with clarity (i.e. well-prepared, good style, gracefully expressed, carefully presented). 40 points
4) The amount of integration you accomplish between disparate topics in order to create a holistic perspective of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, instead of addressing 8 separate and unrelated topics. Evidence of synthesis, the level at which you unify concepts to make a point or establish a position and conscientiousness (i.e. through coverage of relevant materials and content) are important 40 points
5) The quality of your self-assessment as evidenced by your reflective statement in terms of conciseness (succinct expression that complies with length restrictions) 40 points
6) Your ability to exceed your own expectations. I have no pre-set notion of what you are able to accomplish. Let the unique aspects of “you as the entrepreneur” guide your approach to this examination (Just because)
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