Deewaar 1975

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please watch the movie DEEWAAR write a Journal article with following the headings below no resources required follow the 3 headings for your journal entries: Description: Start by writing briefly what you think the movie is about. The best way to understand how to write this section is to simply ‘tell’ a friend what you thought the story was all about…according to you and in your own words. (250 words)
Evaluation: In this section you can pick what is most important to you about the film. You can write about the narrative, dialogue, the protagonist/antagonist/characterization; acting of the stars, mise-en-scene, sound or picture quality, other elements such as light, direction etc. that work well for you…if there is one dialogue or sequence that stands out for you – then elaborate on the same in this section. (250 -350 words)

Conclusion: Conclude your entry with a few lines on specific aspect/s of Indian Culture that you learnt from this film and how this has contributed to your understanding of Indian society and/or Indian Cinema. (250 words)

the following are the element which SHOULD be included:
* in the Indian culture the mother play a major role inside the house, while the father play a role outside the house.
*in the 1970s more openness in the society for eg woman wear pants, nontraditional clothing, etc
* the personalty of the hero attract more audiences (his physical appearance, even though he is a bad guy the audiences sympathies with him )
*education make a difference in the Indian society eg a good brother Ravi was educated, while the bad brother who works with the gangs had less education)
in the Indian culture the desire for the family to have a boy (for eg. vijay when his girlfriend was pregnant he desired a boy)
* more English statement and dialog were seen in the movie which reflect the society.
* the life of rich vs poor was seen in clearly highlighted in this movie.
* the importance of the mother in the Indian culture
* the tattoo in Vijay’s arm ( your father is a thief) had a negative impact on his life mainly psychologically resulted in bad behavior and attitude.

there is a full article about it in wiki PLEASE don’t use it or read it. this paper is a reflection paper not a scientific paper no resources are needed you just need to watch the movie.


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