Development of Performance Appraisal and Behavior Modification at Starbucks Company

Development of Performance Appraisal and Behavior Modification at Starbucks Company

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The objective is to create an employee evaluation tool to be used as part of the overall review process including recommended steps for improvement.
You don’t need to make an introduction just fallow the instructions bellow:
You have to look into the goals of diversity consciousness (refer to text) and develop an employee evaluation tool to help the organization evaluate and identify individuals. This tool may be part of an annual evaluation process and your team only needs to present that portion showing the diversity assessment.

Based upon your previous findings of your selected organization, your team is to identify specific areas of training that will improve the organizations diversity awareness.
Due to the selected company’s limited economic resources, you are to assume that the staff level employees will need to be evaluated using an evaluation tool that you must develop. A hint here would
be to see how you might add something to the annual evaluation that was a measurement of their performance regarding diversity. Assume, based upon the criteria you determine as part of the annual review process, that the employee is weak in this area and propose a list of 4 or 5 options that a supervisor may offer this employee to enhance their performance in this area.

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