Discussion and reflection on ethical issues : Code of ethics and case studies.

Research and discuss Florida codes of ethics that guide work as in educator ; discuss legal course of actions in response to three case studies.
Case Study 1: You are a new fourth grade teacher in an elementary school and notice that one of your students consistently comes to school in the morning with dirty clothes, body odor, and suspicious bruises on his arms. According to the ethics codes and district faculty policies, what should be your plan of action for addressing this issue.
Case Study 2: All teachers in your school have a laptop to use in their classrooms and for instructional planning at home. When the computer was delivered, you briefly reviewed the district policies during a departmental meeting; however, during the past six months, several teachers have been questioned about their Internet and e-mail use with these laptops. You realize that you must use school property appropriately. Based on the ethics codes and district faculty policies, what should be your plan of action for using the laptop.
Case Study 3: As a new high school teacher, you are assigned to teach an intensive reading class in which three students are consistently not showing progress. After reviewing the students’ records (e.g., academic achievement progress in other courses, attendance and disciplinary records, intervention plans and other test scores, and state standardized test scores) you develop highly effective instructional strategies for meeting these students’ learning needs. Since your instructional approach has proven to be so successful, several teachers approached you with sharing the students’ background information, as well as your instructional strategies. You are concerned about infringing on the students’ privacy rights; consequently, you develop a plan of action to address the teachers’ requests, but also address student records concerns.

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