Ethical dilemma for medication administration.

Directions: You will Discuss the dilemma from your article and provide a resolution that you feel is optimal. You must support your work with peer reviewed resources and use APA guidelines.


1. Research an ethical dilemma for MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION and find an ethical dilemma case in the literature related to MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION.
2. After reviewing the case and other resources, determine how you feel the dilemma should be resolved.
3. Present your resolution in a 1-2 page paper (excluding title and reference pages).
4. You must use the Situation Assessment Procedure method of analyzing an ethical dilemma:
a. Identify the ethical dilemma. (The case you find must involve a nurse in some way. )
b. Identify and analyze available alternatives for action.
c. Select and justify one alternative (your solution) as the optimal resolution for the ethical
d. You must include the guidance of your state nurse practice act (NPA) as a resource and include at
least one other peer reviewed resource to support your work.
e. Discuss how this dilemma could have been prevented.
5. You must use at least two resources to support your work: one must be Georgia state nurse practice act and
the other must be a peer reviewed journal article.
6. Attach your scholarly article/ ethical dilemma Case

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