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You have been asked to serve on your Californias bardisciplinary committee. The case involves a colleague who has beencharged with making inappropriate, frivolous, disparaging, anddisrespectful remarks about the opposing counsel. Your colleagueeven accused the opposing counsel of misrepresenting facts andtampering with case documents. In fact, your colleague has oftenbeen considered incompetent by other attorneys at your law office.He has a drinking problem and often neglects to prepare properdocumentation for his cases. There have also been previouscomplaints about his behavior and demeanor. Analyze the situationand include your analysis in a two-page report for the disciplinarycommittee. In your report, include the following details: Analyzeyour colleagues actions. Describe the moral and ethical issues atstake. Apply the legal code of the ABA that was broken, if any.Explain the course of action that you consider appropriate. Preparea two-page report for the disciplinary committee. Please use APAstyle on sources.

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