Etihad and emirates airlines

(1) An analysis of the Marketing Process explaining how the airlines create and capture customer value 15 marks
(2) Categorise the service offered by the airlines 10 marks
a. Core
b. Actual
c. Augmented
(3) Categorise the airline’s service in terms of a “shopping” or “speciality” service with appropriate justification. 10 marks
(4) Analyse the major individual product decisions for Emirates & Etihad 15 marks
a. Product / service attributes
b. Branding
i. Brand equity
ii. Brand positioning
iii. Brand name
iv. Brand sponsorship
v. Brand development
c. Service support
(5) Examine the main product mix decisions for the airlines 15 marks
Product / service
(a) Width
(b) Depth
(c) Length
(d) Consistency 10 marks

(6) Evaluate the impact and role that both Jennifer Anniston (Emirates) and Nicole Kidman (Etihad) will have on the airlines’ brand strategies. 20 marks

Marks for report structure and presentation 5 marks
You are required to present your findings in a formal written report which should be well referenced using the Harvard system (in text citation and list of References at the end)


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