Evolution of Online User Activity

Evolution of Online User Activity
The increase in online user activity started in the days of the .dot com era when
users started moving towards the desktop based systems, thus facilitating the web-based
era origination in early 2000. The first pure-play social media site was Yahoo.co.in,
which helped users send across emails and connect to each other through their portal.
However, with Yahoo creating too many revenue generating streams and not able to focus
on any particular market, organizations like Google and Facebook have moved into the
search engine and content sharing market. This has resulted in individuals present in the
online community adopt such sites into their day-to-day activity and has subsequently
evolved into a personal identity for the individuals.
Issues with Increase in Social Media Adoption
However, the increase in social media adoption came at a major price. The users
who moved online had to put up their personal information and will not be in a position
to delete the information from the world-wide-web as it gets stored on the many cloud
servers set up by the social media organizations. This created an international outrage and
has been the debate for many years as to whether user privacy is compromised on such
social media sites (Jackson, M.O. and L. Yariv, 2006). The issue with regard to such
privacy has resulted in many more organizations taking advantage to understand
consumers’ need. Thus, in today’s world the consumers are more liable to buy items that
are influenced by others. Thus social media today divides consumer behaviors on three
groups namely behaviors affecting consumption, behaviors affected by others regarding
consumption and consumer behavior to provide reviews on their satisfaction and
dissatisfaction response once buying the products (Ateş Bayazıt Hayta, 2013).
Social Media: Boon or Bane


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