Exegesis Paper of Philippians 2.5-11:


5-page paper, which reflects a detailed analysis of Philippians 2:5-11.
The paper will be divided into two sections. In section one, your principal objective is to state what the main point of the passage is, and explain how the passage develops this main point, supporting your statement with evidence from the text and from your investigation. In this section, you should consider the following questions as you analyze the text:
• What is the situation that Paul is addressing?
• How does what we know about the author and audience help us understand the “occasion”?
• What cultural factors impinge upon the interpretation of this text?
• What is the purpose for Paul’s letter?
• What is the main message of Paul’s letter?
• What has Paul said thus far in the letter? How does this passage relate to Paul’s overall purpose in the letter?
• How does this passage fit in with what follows in Paul’s argument?
• What does this text affirm about God and His world, and/or the responsibility of His people?
• What are the key interpretive difficulties in this passage?
• What is the main point of the passage and what evidence supports this main point?

As you perform your analysis on your given passage you must consult three commentaries, and list those in your bibliography. Additionally, you must consult one peer-reviewed journal article that is related to your passage.
In section two, you must reflect upon the ways in which the church can live out the message of this passage, and/or ways in which this passage challenges current practices and attitudes in the church.

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