facilitating a learning for the whole class for 5 minutes

You will facilitate the learning for the whole class for 5 minutes. Your task for the session is to share what you have learned from (working in online/virtual group which was held in week 8 and how virtual group is differ from face to face group as a leader). You should also outline what changes you have begun to make to your leadership practice as a result of those learnings. You may include exercises designed to involve/engage the class to assist understanding, very short videos, PowerPoint slides, quizzes, role plays, etc.).

During the session you should:
• Convey to the rest of the class the key elements that you have learned about leading through your working in online/virtual group.
• Outline the challenges leading presents to you.
• Provide an interesting learning experience for the class by showcasing key learnings that have had an impact on your leadership; cite the theory associated with those learnings
• Add value by providing new and interesting learning for the class

Criteria for evaluation
• clear demonstration of knowledge/understanding of leading that you have gained through working in online/virtual group including challenges that you face in influencing others
• outlining of your learning in an interesting and engaging way
• clarity and organisation of the supporting material that you use
• quality of any supporting ideas or material


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