Fashion Marketing & Promotion

Fashion Marketing & Promotion
This assessment will be a written report including your research file of news reviews that you have collected each week. Using primary and secondary research apply the marketing theories you have learned to the promotion of a multi-channel retailer and how they communicate to their customer. This work is to be completed individually and will be the final of 3 assessments in this module.


Present your new communications strategy for the next 12 months.

‘Next’ are a successful multi-channel, retailer who use a variety of imaginative marketing communications to engage their customers. Evaluate their current communication strategy and using primary and secondary research present your report in a written and visual format using appropriate headings and sub-headings including:

a) Evaluation of the current communication strategy
b) Ideas for the new communication strategy applying relevant market theories
c) Visual imagery

– Ansoff’s Matrix
– BCG Matrix
– SWOT Analysis
– 4Ps Marketing Mix
– PESTLE (3-5 articles that related to NEXT)

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