Future of Khmer English

This paper needs to answer questions such as the following. How is Khmer English different from and similar to other World Englishes, how does it differ from or similar to surrounding South East Asian countries?

How does Khmer English affect Khmer English speakers?

What varieties of English are Khmers learning in schools?

What varieties of English are jobs in Cambodia expecting?

How do different varieties of World Englishes affect the Inner, Outer, and Expanding Circles?

Will countries eventually move into different circles? How do Inner Circle varieties affect the status, use, and development of Khmer English and World Englishes?

Will Khmer English or World Englishes help develop a truly International English which the Inner Circle must learn?

When, or if ever, will the Expanding Circle and the Outer Circle countries be recognized as Inner Circles, especially as English as a Lingua Franca grows? What countries will become the new Outer Circle? Will World English varieties continue to grow in different ways depending on need and location or will a World English standard develop as access to technology becomes more readily available to all? Will the circles cease to exist because of a birth of a new International English? Or will English go the way of Latin where new languages will spawn and English will die out? Either way how will all of this affect the Khmer English dialect. How is the does joining ASEAN association affect Khmer English.

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