GILT and MYHABIT Websites.

Services Visits and Analyzes Assignment
The objective of this assignment is to build upon the content of the textbook by comparing and contrasting with GILT and MYHABIT. This assignment will require you to evaluate, analyze, and then compare, and contrast a service-based business based on the topics listed below.
Simple brief introduction, answer these questions and give the recommendations
Don’t write about the whole website of T GILT and MYHABIT. Please only focus on consumer service of each individual website.
You are required to evaluate, analysis and then compare and contrast the following issues.
1. What service was done well by each of the service provider? Elaborate and point out several specific examples of GILT and MYHABIT?
2. For each service provider, what aspects of these services had a positive influence on your perceptions of the overall service experience? And similarly, what aspects of this service experience had a negative influence on your perceptions of the overall service experience? Explain your answer in detail for GILT and MYHABIT.
3. Which of the following characteristics (color, design, layout, user interface and human-interactive programs) in each of the service providers physical evidence of GILT and MYHABIT influenced your customer experience?
4. What other aspects of the physical evidence of GILT and MYHABIT were present?
5. How did each providers GILT and MYHABIT use their physical evidence as a differentiator? To enhance the customer’s experience? To facilitate service delivery?
6. What recommendations would you make to improve the customer service experience of GILT and MYHABIT? Please provide one for each service provider.

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