Good Samaritan Laws Drug Resistant Diseases.

Look at the following list of topics to write your paper on. Select several in which you are interested. You can write the paper broadly on the subject or write on one specific aspect of the subject. A sign up list will be circulated the second day of classes. Each student must sign up for a topic, only two students will be able to sign up for each topic. This is why you need to select several that interest you. If you have another topic that interests you, you can present it to the instructor, who will then decide if that topic is acceptable.

Consent to Treat Negligence

Good Samaritan Laws Drug Resistant Diseases.

Shock Concussion

Appendicitis Sprains

Strains ACL Injuries

Meniscal injuries Ankle Injuries

Heart Attack Arteriosclerosis

Stroke Seizures

Diabetes Alcohol Poisoning

Drug Interactions Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Heat Illnesses Cold Illnesses

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