How crime films create 'real¬life' criminals

Select and view one or more of the movies listed in weeks 6, 7 and 8 (or otherwise agreed to by your tutor) to discuss one of the following three questions:

1. Borde, Chaumeton and Hammond (2002) cliam that the goal of the crime movie is to ‘make the viewer co¬experience anguish and insecurity’ ¬ also known as the specific effect of tension. Discuss how this is accomplished ina specific crime film, or by comparing two crime films.

2. Bound up with the distaste for crime is an intense interest in its forms, motivations, and impacts. This doubled relation, oscillating between censure and desire, can be called fascination, and highlights the role of the spectator and our affective/emotional relationship to what we see on film (or in other visual mediums). Find a ‘crime scene’ portrayed in a film (i.e. burglary, homicide) and discuss in what ways the arrangement of the scene produces a certain affective or emotional response in yourself as the viewer. More specifically, what about this particular scene produces, at once, the feeling of trepidation and fascination (i.e. the desire to look away and, yet, compelled to keep watching)?

3. How do crime films create ‘real¬life’ criminals? Discuss using examples

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