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Our Process

STEP 1: Go To Our Order Form and Submit All Your Assignment Requirements
Make sure that all of the contact information that you filled in form is correct. The information includes your e-mail as well as your personal phone numbers. That is because we always keep in touch with all our clients during the writing process. Your e-mail and personal phone number will be our major communication channels.
Make sure that you fill in all the required info correctly and that you include everything you require from us. Our writer will follow precisely what you have requested for in your order form. Correct filling of this form is important since these parameters will be hard to change once the writer has commenced working on your order.

STEP 2: Proceed with the Payment
Your selected urgency of working on the order counts right from the moment you pay. Our writer will commence researching on your order only after you pay for it. We have a 100 percent money back guarantee from us if you are not satisfied with our service. That means we will refund you your money if you do not get the quality of service you ordered.

We may require you to confirm your identity so do not get alarmed if our billing department representative calls you and asks you to verify your billing address or if you are the one who have placed the order. We do this to protect you and our company from fraudulent online schemes. That process is meant to verify that you are the one who placed the order with us and if the purchase made is directly authorized by you or the person who may have paid for your order (the cardholder).

STEP 3: Check Your E-Mail for Your Order Confirmation and Save It for Future Reference
You will receive a confirmation from our site with all the necessary data required for our further cooperation. The confirmation will also give you answers to all your possible questions, direct you how to contact the writer or us, guide you on how to upload more materials if need be. Please save the e-mail for your future reference!

STEP 4: Log-In To Your Account to Communicate With Writer/Support Staff
Check your emails from time to time for our updates. Your assigned writer is supposed to communicate to, and you can as well post messages bearing any order-related issues to him in the meanwhile. The writer will also use the same system to ask questions or give answers to your queries.

Do not be alarmed if you find out that we have not gotten a writer for you yet. Our distinguished writers work in the selection mode. That way we can guarantee you that your order is chosen by a writer who is not only excellent in your field and understands your topic but is also ready to cooperate with you in the process of writing your order.
If you discover that the requirement of the order you placed with us have changed, just resubmit it! We are quite flexible, and we normally allow you to update the order information. However if you add the volume, the level of your service, change the product or the deadline, we may request an additional fee to cope with your new changes.
Also, do not worry if you fail to receive a reply from your writer right away. Our busy writer may not be checking your messages always, but also do research concerning your order. However, a reply within 24 hours is a must. If you order an urgent essay, our writer will stay online and keep checking you after every hour.

STEP 5: Download Your Order from the Link in the E-Mail We Send
It is advisable that you check your e-mail as the deadline approaches. You will get an e-mail to notify you that your assignment is done as well as a link to your account, from where you can retrieve it. If you have any challenge downloading your finished order, you will be given an alternative to receiving your work as an attachment to the e-mail.

STEP 6: Fill In Our Customer Satisfaction Survey to Let Us Know How We Did
Check the work and let us know what you think of it! In the notification e-mail, you will also get a link to the survey, to make us know what you think concerning our work. Do not be afraid to click it. We also allow you the option to make amendments if needed two weeks after the expiry of your deadline. The writer will revise it for you free of charge unless you alter the initial order description.

Unlike most other websites we deliver what we promise;

  • Our Support Staff are online 24/7
  • Our Writers are available 24/7
  • Most Urgent order is delivered with 4 Hrs
  • 100% Original Assignment Plagiarism report can be sent to you upon request.

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