How media reinforces the invisibility of Asian Americans and perpetuates the Black-White Binary within the Affirmative Action Debate

This research paper will focus on how CNN ( perpetuates the Black-White binary (Perea, 1997) and reinforces the invisibility of Asian Americans within the affirmative action debate post 2003. Please sort through articles on to determine how media has largely contributed to the silencing of Asian Americans as it relates to affirmative action policies within higher education. Use the Black-White binary as a framework when parsing through the articles. I need the actual findings from the research with citations to specific articles illustrating how media reinforces the affirmative action debate as a Black-White issue. Please reference and elaborate on the relevant Supreme Court cases including Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Fisher v. University of Texas (2013). Also highlight the invisibility of Asian Americans in the discussion and the problems of their model minority status by specifically looking at those Supreme Court cases. Use as many citations as necessary. I do not need an introduction – I just need the body of the paper to be about the research findings.

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