Identification the Job Nature by Analysis the Heavy Metal Using Hair and Nail

(Identification the Job Nature by Analysis the Heavy Metal Using Hair and Nail)
Human exposure to heavy metals has escalated dramatically due to the increased rate of industrialization, mining activities, urbanization, catalyst use, inorganic fertilizer and pesticide use and vehicular traffic. This has led to the advancement of the analysis techniques used in assessing the levels of heavy metals in humans. One of the most reliable and accurate elemental analysis techniques involves the use of fingernails and scalp hair as bio-indicators.

conduct selected heavy metal analysis using fingernail and scalp hair samples of subjects according to the occupations, then classified them to use as referencing value in field of forensic toxicology.
Employee have multiple occupational exposure to the heavy metal, for example mechanics and lap technician also the people live in the boats …
From forensic toxicology point view, can we know the jobs of the people using hair and nail heavy metal analysis such as Al, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb , Mn, Ni, V and Zn? For example, if we find died people can we know their jobs?

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