Identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety and possible depression in a disabled individual.

Identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety and possible depression in a disabled individual.

It is an evidence based practice research paper. For the whole semester I had to observe an adult day training center for people over the age of 21 with mental disabilities, during that time I was supposed to find a need within that community and write a paper on how to fix that need. The need in the community is to educate the staff at the facility the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in someone with disabilities, how to handle these symptoms, and how to educate the family members on what to look for. I will attach the rubric. A lot of times a patient with downs syndrome or cerebral palsy for example, there psychological needs are sometimes hidden and thought that it’s just a product of there disease. No longer than 3-4 pages excluding the title page and reference page.

Evidence-based Practice Educational Intervention Paper Rubric
Criteria Points
No longer than three to four pages, excluding Title and Reference pages
Introduce the intervention and provide a thesis statement. 15
Describe the population being served. 15
Discuss why intervention was chosen using supportive data from family and population assessment 25
Explain the intervention in detail with evidence to support the intervention. 50
Tell how or if the intervention will be sustained by the facility employees after the practice experience is over. 15
Summary. 10
Provide references that include at least two peer-reviewed journals (may be online journals) and other internet resources such as .gov and .org websites. 25
APA, Spelling, punctuation, word usage, and grammar (-2% for each error)
Total 150

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