Impact of play interventions on child

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analyse , synthesis and evaluate the related literature in relation to the impact of play therapy in reducing the stress and anxiety experience by child and his family during medical procedures or during hospitalization and on healthcare environment.
in the introduction: define play therapy and describe the impact of hospitalization and medical procedures on the child and family.
in the first paragraph: the impact of hospitalization on the child ( emotionally , psychologically, socially and physically. discuss the importance and validity ( the effectiveness and appropriateness ) behind the play activities and therapeutic interventions child life specialists utilize.
the second paragraph: How the healthcare environment ( organizations, healthcare providers and nurses ) benefit from play.
the third paragraph: nurses perception and understanding of play therapy and its role in the hospital setting.
the fourth paragraph: strategies can be applied by the nurse to provide effective play therapy in hospital setting. (note: all the references must be recent after 2007) please use research findings and statistics to support your ideas and points.
in the conclusion, summarize the main points and link them together


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