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When we hear the word “information,” we may think of words or perhaps data. But information is far more complex, involving a wide range of issues, from technology to privacy to intellectual property—to name just a few. For this Project, you will identify the economic, legal and social issues related to information that are represented in an imaginary soap opera episode.




Read the following description of an episode of an imaginary soap opera, “The Young and the Clueless.” Use the Analysis Sheet to identify and explain three potential economic, legal or social issues (one each) that involve the use of information, such as intellectual property, privacy and free speech. For this Project, it is particularly important that you work independently and use your own words in your analysis.

In today’s episode of “The Young and the Clueless,” Rose is concerned about her daughter, Lily. Lily is 11 but seems more like a teenager—she spends all her time texting instead of seeing her friends and chatting on Fakebook with people she doesn’t even know. And she just downloaded a new game onto her phone that she can’t stop playing. She got it for free—all she had to do was put in her name and email address. Rose is so upset about Lily that she decides to order a new purse from her favorite website, The purse is an exact replica of an expensive designer bag but much cheaper. She loves that makes it so easy to check out—they already have her credit card information and Rose doesn’t have to reenter it each time she buys something.

Meanwhile, Lily has been sent to the principal’s office for writing an article for the school paper that is critical of the cafeteria food. The principal suspends Lily from school and refuses to publish the article.

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