Incorporating Evidence and initiating a change



Once a nurse decides that the evidence is strong enough to support a change in practice, there must be a process in place to disseminate this evidence throughout the institution, facilitate discussion about the evidence, and initiate a change in policy.
This assignment challenges you to assess the resources and processes already in place at your place of work, determine who would need to be involved in discussions about the evidence and subsequent policy changes, and the steps you would take to establish processes or initiate change.

Assignment Objectives

The students will
1. Identify the processes and barriers to policy change

2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in determining the feasibility and the steps required to facilitate change in policy in nursing practice

3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in determining a plan to establish a culture of evidence-based nursing practice

Assignment Guidelines

Write a 4 TO 5 page paper using the following outline:

1. Introduction of the policy (either the policy you investigated for the Review of Literature or another policy that you have determined needs changing)

2. Sources, resources, and processes already in place to assist in facilitating evidence-based policy changes.

3. Challenges or barriers you would find in making these changes.

4. Steps you would take to initiate a change in policy.

5. Steps you would take to establish a culture of evidence-based practice.

6. Conclusion

7. References
Guide to writing the paper
Find out where the problem is. What are you going to do about it? What are planning to change? Why? Are you going to establish new polices? Why do you want to change the current practices? This is a hypothetical change. What can you make better?
Do you have resources to do that? Do you have a special committee?
What are the barriers?
What steps are you going to initiate to make this change?
You need to establish evidence-based practice. What are the steps to change the practices? What are you going to do?
Design a protocol and plan it.
Make sure to write conclusion, summary.
5 articles
4-5 pages
The goal is to improve quality of care.
Look at systematic review on the topic. Plan implementation. What factors will make your plan successful, what factors will make it less successful. Stay away from weak evidence. Change has to be feasible and applicable to your population. What will facilitate the change? Work environment, right setting, and right mindset of the coworkers. You need to have a good plan. Involve all stake holders (PTs, nutritionists, etc.)
Do you have resources in place?


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