information system management

Assignment Task

There are many intermediaries and internet portals offering consumers the opportunity to plan their holidays.
You work as a consultant and have been asked to provide the Senior Management Team of a travel company a report on 3 intermediary/portal solutions. The company is a medium-sized hotel chain, until 2009 the company was a domestic hotel chain in Germany, mainly serving the home market; but during the last 5 years the company has expanded through targeted strategic acquisitions to be an EU-wide chain, and has aspirations to attract worldwide tourists, including those from USA and Asia as well as across the EU.
Your task is to produce a report analysing intermediary/portal solution suppliers to be presented to the Senior Management Team of the above company.
Your report should include a critical review of the major systems in use in the travel industry noting the differences and providing a critique of the main benefits of each.
Your client knows that one member of the Senior Management Team is concerned about how to choose a system and so has asked you to particularly focus on the question of whether a single solution can fit everyone’s needs
The second part of the report should provide an evaluation of the options for your chosen company in terms of what software is available and any issues they may face in implementation and deployment.
Your report should include full references in Harvard style.

Total marks for assignment: 100

Marking Criteria
Pass: In order to achieve a pass, your report should provide a range of information about the intermediary/portal solutions currently available providing some detail about their capabilities.
2.2: In order to achieve a 2:2 mark, your report should show the above plus an evaluation of the benefits to an organisation
2.1: In order to achieve a 2:1 mark, your report should contain the above plus critical commentary of the differences between the different systems.
First: In order to achieve a First class mark, your report should provide the above, plus analysis of the whole market for these systems and the possible future developments and the benefits these would give.

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