International Marketing And Operations.

Your company has been asked by a client organisation  to research and screen an international market with a view to identifying the opportunities and issues, from an International Marketing and Operations perspective, which may arise should the client organisation decide to enter that specific market. Your chosen market should be from within the following developing markets: BRIC, Latin America or Central/Eastern Europe. Your information will be used to form the basis of the decision criteria for a marketing and operations strategic plan.

You are asked to produce a report where you will:
1. Choose a company product/brand from one of the following sectors:
a. Fashion/sportswear
b. Alcoholic/soft drinks
c. Consumer electronics
d. Cosmetics/Beauty/Personal Care
e. Industrial/B2B
2. Ensure your brand has NOT YET entered your chosen international market (IM).
3. Make sure that the international market you choose should be different from your domestic
market culture.
4. Contextualize your market sector for the firm, the international marketing and competitive
5. Identify key issues, via screening, which may affect your market entry strategy in your chosen
country and target market segment, plus highlight key differences from your domestic market. a. From an international marketing perspective (e.g. market entry mode)

b. From a business operations and distribution perspective (e.g. manufacturing/distribution strategy)
Provide a summary of key indicators which will assist the company in deciding whether to enter your chosen international market.
Additional information
The report shall address the following issues:
1. International market scanning and opportunities identification.
2. Market entry methods.
3. Marketing mix implications with specific reference to the product characteristics.
4. Operational and supply chain considerations.

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