Lesson Plan using Tyson Yunkaporta’s "8 ways of Learning" as pedagogical tool

You are to design a Lesson Plan using Tyson Yunkaporta’s “8 ways of Learning” as your pedagogical tool.

The content of the experience /lesson can be one of the following: Literacy, numeracy, health and physical education, creative arts, science and technology. And it should be aimed to early childhood students. The content of the lesson should be linked to the Australian Curriculum (specify which code)

This lesson must incorporate and consider the diverse learning needs of all students within a classroom.

You are being asked to apply the “8 ways of learning” to an inclusive classroom.

The 8 Ways are the teaching strategy for your lesson, so although they are not the content (which is Health/PE, English, SOSE etc.), they are an important aspect of the lesson which requires a short explanation/reference.

Remember, lesson plans should be able to be implemented by a relief teacher. If you only included a symbol, would the relief teacher know the meaning? Or the significance of using the 8 Ways strategies?

use Tyson Yunkaporta’s “8 ways of Learning” as one of the references

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