Lucky Spoon Hypothetical

Here is the reading material for this order: Also make sure you in-text citations throughout the paper. My professor likes a lot citations, even after sentences and not just paragraphs.

•Understanding Jurisprudence, An Introduction to Legal Theory By Raymond Wacks 3rd Editionread Chapter 2: “Natural Law and Morality”, pages 30–39 and Chapter 10: “Rights”, pages 279–294.

•Principles of Constitutional by John Nowak 4th Edition Law read Chapter 15.

For this week’s written Assignment, you will continue with the Lucky Spoon Hypothetical.

You have been contacted by the owner of the Lucky Spoon concerning the Lucky Spoon’s potential negligence in the death of Max’s father. Review State case law concerning the duty of business owners for non-customers. Prepare a legal memorandum advising your client of your findings and recommendations concerning Lucky Spoon’s potential liability.


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