Managing risks in organisations


1) Identify and describe in detail one ‘Australian-based’ organisations that successfully managed to grow by 300% over a 5-year period and succeeded by taking a risk and changing.

these company have already been  chosen
so cannot choose them
Bradken Limited

following is the template

Write about the history of the company and about its main business area.


2.1 Influence on Success/Failure

How important was the human element to the success/failure? Did this lead to success/failure? For

the organisations that failed could this have been handled in a manner that averted failure?

2.2 Key Human Elements

A comparison table listing the key human elements for each pair of organisations that led to


…this will require the success company pair. Please complete half of the table, which

relates to your company – make a list of the key human elements.

3.0 KPI’S

Did the organisations benchmark KPIs so that they could measure the magnitude of their change?

What were the important KPIs? Why were they important? Did inappropriate KPIs led to



How important was the use of disruptive technology to the success of the organisation?


5.1 Company approach to risk management

Did the organisations have a formal risk management process? Did this allow them to prepare for

the unexpected?

5.2 FMEA

Quantify 10 major risks for each organisation using an FMEA analysis and include an FMEA table

within the Appendix of your Report.

5.3 ToR

Quantify the tolerability of risk (ToR) for each organisation and include a ToR table within the

Appendix of your Report.

5.4 Causal Chain

Detail the causal chain that led to the success of each organisation (ie show causality from

the root cause(s) to the success event) and provide a causal diagram for each organisation in

an Appendix to your Report.

Did the organisations start the change process at the top and involve every layer of the

organisations? Did this have a bearing on the success of the organisations?

Did the organisations articulate why the change was necessary and instil a sense of ownership and

urgency throughout the organisations? Did this have a bearing on success of the



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