Marketing communcation.

Your task is to act as a marketing communications consultant for below. The client would like you to compile a full and professionally presented situations analysis identifying key market drivers/issues explicitly throughout. The client would like to be presented with a range of possible marketing communications objectives.

Client 1: Beechwood Farm Grimsby Site: Part of the Farmhouse Inns Brand of Greene King.
‘We aim to provide the best dining and drinking experience for customers of all ages. Our approach to food is simple with a vast range of tasty pub favourites as well as a traditional daily Carvery with a fantastic choice of fresh vegetables and succulent roasted joints of meat. The portion sizes will not disappoint, we are all about generosity and offering value for money on a breadth of great quality dishes which appeal to all tastes. We are famous for our enormous cakes and eye catching cake displays giving you the opportunity to enjoy your great cake with us or take it away to enjoy wherever you wish. We are constantly experimenting with yummy new cake flavours but we are already famed for our Mars Attack special. On top of our amazing cakes, all of our pubs offer their own unique Dessert Menus with over 30 scrumptious sweat treats to finish off your experience with us. Most recently, some of our sites have been installed with brand new Fresh Salad Bars where you can build your own Farmhouse Salad with our freshly carved meats and also our delicious dairy Ice Cream parlours with a range of your favourite flavours plus some that you may never have tried before (Farmhouse Inns 2014)’.

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