media blogs

media blogs or groups that through which they can find another individual whom they
relate with.
The other big issue that has grown with the increase in adoption of social media is
where consumers’ behavior can now be judged and is influenced by other people online.
However, with the advent of such online acceptance, there have been many businesses set
up in the last decade in order to facilitate the selling of household good items from
fashion apparel to grocery through online shopping (Matthew O. Jackson and Leeat
Yariv, 2006). This has resulted in consumers able to shop for their items from homes and
receive the items without having to go to the destination to pick up the items. Large
organizations like Amazon, EBay have facilitated such mode of transportation and this
would not have been possible without the presence of such large online community. The
evolution of On-demand economy has been a cause and effect action of the increase in
growth of users online and the adoption of social media sites. With the advent of the Ondemand economy where individuals will be provided with what they want on the go
based on their preferences, this would result in further increase in social media activity
and hence the presence of more users online and as a consequence the growth of ecommerce and the on-demand economy.

Matthew O. Jackson and Leeat Yariv. (2006). Social Networks and the Diffusion of
Economic Behavior. US: Yale Economic Review


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