Mediated Image

Mediated Image
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A single image of fashionable dress will serve as the focus, springboard and guide for an exploration and analysis of both historical style and the image itself. Each page will address somewhat different topics depending on the particular image, but for the most part will consider cultural context, designer, artist, model, materiality, etc. Analysis of the image is an essential element of a successful paper.
final annotated bibliography MUST consist of at least six sources including two books (one academic text/university press) and one journal article. Use of primary sources is strongly encouraged. Take care to use works of quality, and evaluate internet sources with particular discrimination. Your bibliography is an important part of this paper, and points will be deducted for any deviation from the requirements. In addition, any paper whose bibliography lists Wikipedia or any general encyclopedia (web or otherwise) will receive a half grade reduction. Papers without a bibliography or footnotes will not be graded and receive an automatic F.

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