Medical Statistics.

Comprehensive Question 1

What is the reduction in risk for pain within 2-7 days for children treated with antibiotics for otitis media given the control event rate was 22% and the antibiotic pain rate was 15%? Also determine the ARR, RRR, NNT. Describe/interpret the result.

Comprehensive Question 2

Your classmate presents the PICO: Does an interactive, home based device that monitors asthma symptoms, aspects of quality of life, and self-care (Health Buddy) reduce asthma symptoms and increase self-care behaviors in inner city children with persistent asthma?

Children allocated to the Health Buddy were less likely than children allocated to asthma diary to report limitations in activities (OR=.52, 95 CI .29 to .94) and made fewer urgent calls to health services (OR =.43, CI .18 to .99). Would you recommend “Healthy Buddy” to your patient’s family? Why or why not?

Comprehensive Question 3

A cohort study evaluated whether women who had an unintentional (mistimed or unwanted) pregnancies were less likely to breastfeed their children. Planned pregnancies were report as n = 19,604 while unintentional was n= 8096. a) Explain whether women with unintentional pregnancies were more or less likely to breastfeed. b) What does the CI tell you for this study?

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