Narradrama in drama therapy

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Mid-term paper—Literature Review, due October 23. In the world of drama therapy, there are several different approaches, some of which are more clinically-based, others of which integrate theory with practice. Examples include: narradrama (the one i have chosen). Choose one approach that is not role method/theory or psychodrama. Write a 7-10 page literature review that clearly responds to the following research question: How does narradrama (or any other approach to drama therapy) inform the theory and practice of drama therapy? A lit review is an important part of all research, and will be a major part of your MA thesis. In a lit review, the writer develops an argument in response to the research question. The literature chosen supports the argument. The point of the review is not simply to summarize each article or book, but to highlight its findings and conclusions, as well to critically discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Thus a good literature review is a critical review. Further, the review has a through-line as the writer develops the argument by answering the research question. Note that 7-10 pages does not include your cover page or references. You do not need to write an abstract. Make reference to a minimum of 10 sources including books, articles, films and/or on-line scholarly references. If you are unable to find enough published material on your chosen topic, feel free to go further afield (For example, if you are investigating narradrama, you may also supplement with research in narrative therapy). Wikipedia does not qualify as a scholarly reference. There are many examples of the structure of the lit review on-line. See, for example:


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