Native women in Caribbean History & Bias

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According to Burkhard’s definition of history,history is what one age ( group) finds worthy of writing about the other. some of the definitions have a gender bias. From Chapter 1, though sparse, we see that Martin (AUTHOR) has written a bit about the native women; hence, he sees the native women as being worthy of being recorded in Caribbean Histroy.  This week you will critique the definitons while writing a five paragraph essay about native women in Caribbean history. One purpose of this is to allow you to apply the essay writing skills you do in your English classes, to the history class.

•In your first paragraph ( your introduction) choose one of the defintions  that has a gender bias. Flip it to show that history is not only about men but also women. Based on what Martin has written about native women, make a thesis statement. From your English courses, you would have remembered that a thesis statement has two parts, (a) the subject, and (b) your opinion about the subject.

•In paragraphs 2 and 3write information paraphrasing what Martin had to relate about the original women of the Caribbean.You can use other sources of Caribbean History to give you more information. Cite these sources. This will give you practice in using in text citation and Works Cited Page. (Do not give your opinion.)
•In a paragraph 4, write your reflections on anything you found surprising about these women. Tell me why this is surprising to you. (It is in this paragraph that you give your opinion.)
•In paragraph 5 write a conclusion.

If you follow the instructions I have given above, you should end up with an essay.

Citation of the textbook are as follows:
Martin, T. (2012). Caribbean History: From Pre-colonial Origins to the Present. One Lake Street: Pearson Education.

Please use in-text citations


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