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Writing Prompt 1- Campaign Finance Reform: Campaign finance reform, and the influence of money in politics more generally, is a contentious, unresolved issue. Make an argument for either more or less government regulation of campaign financing. Be sure to include the following: A summary of recent developments in campaign finance law in the United States, including acts of Congress and Supreme Court cases. A clear explanation as to why there should be more/less regulation of campaign finance. Be specific. An example of when a lack of regulation/too much regulation of campaign finance harmed American democracy. Predictions for the futurewhat barriers do you expect will inhibit the changes you suggest from occurring? Paper requirements You must have a very clear thesis statement. ú You must provide support for your thesis that is based on evidence (Legal, Empirical, Moral, Political) ú You must use a minimum of two outside sources. You must use APSA/ APA or MLA formatting in your citations. You will be required to use in-text citations as well as providing a works cited at the end of your essay. *Any thought that is not your own, must be cited. ú Your essay must be written in the format of a research paper which outlines a proposed policy. ú You must use complete sentences and present coherent thoughts in your argument. ú You must include a works cited ú The essay must be 2 to 3 pages in length ú Font size should be 12 point font ú Font style should be Times New Roman ú The essay must be double spaced Points will be taken off for: ú Sloppy presentation, unorganized writing, and incoherent thoughts. ú Failure to answer all components of the writing prompt you choose to write about, and failing to follow style guidelines. ú Writing in first person (My opinion, I think, I believe, etc). ú Having grammatical errors, misspellings, incomplete sentences, and other errors. ú Failure to use in-text citations and use proper APSA/ APA or MLA formatting.

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