What is ”“orientalism
In his novel Rene Leys does Victor Segalen engage in what you would call “orientalism”? Start off with a definition of orientalism, either from Edward Said (cite page numbers) or in your own words, then summarize and critique the novel Rene Leys with a view toward answering this question.You may also use Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, Lu Xun (Lu Hsun’s) Selected Stories, or Victor Segalen’s novel Rene Leys may.

Your essay should indicate your ability to consider a question, present, analyse and communicate your ideas clearly in writing.
Writing essays encourages you to develop an ability to think critically about the material under consideration (eg. films, works of literature and/or theory).
Your essays will be marked (graded) on the following criteria:
1. Does your essay answer the question or questions at hand?
2. Does your essay make a coherent argument or thesis?
3. Have you structured it well?
4. Have you written in correct English (grammar, spelling, characters).
5. Does your essay show some evidence of research? (including footnotes or Harvard-style intertextual notes with a bibliography).
6. Does it show a critical approach to the scholarship written about film, literature or critical theory? In other words, you might cite from a text by Jonathan Spence or Rey Chow and then provide a critical insight into what they are saying. A critical insight does not necessarily mean you have to criticize, but it should show that you have reflected on what they say from a variety of angles that you have learned in this course and/or acquired in your own reading).


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