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You are the Office Manager for a marketing company. The companyhas Nights Out once a quarter. At these events, the President willcheer the group on with her comments about sales and other positiveevents. She will also acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries with thecompany and other employee related topics. Alcohol is served duringthe evening. Participation is not mandatory. Ar the end of the yearNights Out, held on December 15, she has had a few drinks. When itis time for her to give her speech, she tells the group that sheheard a great blonde joke on Letterman. Before she tells the joke,she tells Sandy, her admin, not to get too upset with her blondejoke. She tells the joke. It is not funny and, in reality, is quitedumb. People groan at the punch line. Two days later, word filtersto you that blonde jokes are now being posted on the companysintranet. They have become quite crude and dirty, placing Sandra asthe blonde in the joke. Sandy comes to you and says that she isoffended by the jokes. She says that people have told her that shecan go to EEOC and file a claim for sexual harassment and hostilework environment. You tell her that you are gong to investigate thematter. When you do, you learn that the jokes were primarily postedby the IT night crew. You contact the team leader of IT. Youconfront her about the jokes and say that people will have to bedisciplined for such problematic conduct.. Upon hearing that, theteam leader says to you: Well, we all take the same punishment asthe President. How do you handle this situation. Please use legalsupport to sustain your analysis.

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